Aupe Collective Agreement Local 6


The parties will begin negotiations on 15 January 2019 with a view to reaching an agreement on the start of wages. All matters not expressly covered by this Agreement shall, where appropriate, be covered by the provisions of the Collective Agreement. Do you want to ask for a break or something else? Browse a list of web forms specific to your local area. All updates of the negotiations relating to the negotiations on state services are available at the following address: This agreement applies only to employees in positions under the #006 of subsidiary agreements. Excluded groups include: the time limits for calling the workplace may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties. An agenda must be established and distributed fifteen (15) days before the meeting. Other contributions and justifications may be placed on the agenda with the agreement of the two co-chairs. The final agenda shall be determined by mutual agreement between the Co-Chairs. Looking for your collective agreement or the current minutes of the meeting? Look for a list of downloadable documents. CONSIDERING that the parties wish to manage Article 2, working hours, the agreement on the #006, in order to allow the implementation of a proposed work plan for certain local workers of 006 employees working at the Michener Centre. Under clause 2.01(b) of the framework contract, the parties therefore agree as follows: the Government of Alberta wants nearly 24,000 government employees to agree to a one per cent wage withdrawal in the first year of a four-year collective agreement, followed by a three-year wage cut. Any recommendation for amendment must be approved by a majority of the members of the Committee and, if accepted by both the employer and the union, may be implemented by mutual agreement. The AUPE proposal calls for a two-year agreement, with a salary increase of 2.5% per year, in order to cope with increases in the cost of living.

Review and review all other arrangements by mutual agreement between the Parties concerning the programme area concerned; This Agreement shall be reviewed by the Parties on an annual basis or as appropriate. The government`s proposal was presented Thursday on the first day of collective bargaining for 23,578 members of the public service, represented by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE). This wage increase should in no way be interpreted as an «opening of the agreement» to negotiations on other issues by either party.