Broken Agreement Relationship


– The intentions to separate the duties and tasks related to the relationship between Tom and Suzy continued together and ended up having a family, but the main principles of their contract were established on the night of this very first feast. Their implicit agreement was pretty much like this: integrity means being a man or a woman of your word. Let your life be the embodiment of your deepest values, in other words, your discourse. Compliance with agreements is an important element of integrity. Integrity is the foundation of a good relationship and a successful life. If you do not comply with the agreements, it will seriously damage and reduce your level of integrity. You can honor your values with your words and actions, in order to live in a crucial way, to be a leader and to be an important person in your work. If you don`t respect your agreements, you`re contaminating everything. Implicit contracts generally work well at the beginning, which helps to consolidate conditions.

It`s also the reason why people say things like «I found my missing piece» when they`re new to a relationship. (It`s also because your brain works the same way it does when you`re raised on cocaine, but it`s another blog.) Sometimes these contracts can work well for years, and that`s great. If it works for both people in the relationship, yahoo! Like any other contract that works well, no need to change the terms if all parties continue to accept. A relationship contract is a document signed by two or more close people to document the agreed rules for the relationship. The rules exist in all types of relationships, with or without relational agreements in all cases. The written documentation of these rules allows the parties to have a very open dialogue about their needs and acceptable behaviours in a relationship. This helps to translate the unwritten rules of the relationship into something that is accepted and clearly understood by the parties. Set limits for activities – The good thing about this kind of relationship is that you can be completely selfish and do what is satisfying for you (because it is unique). All they have to do is agree on what quintessence is and stick to it. It is highly unlikely that Tom and Suzy will know that this contract was concluded, especially so early in their relationship. If I had walked a few weeks at their door, contract in hand, and I asked him to read and sign, they would probably both have thought it was ridiculous.

And yet, they have voluntarily entered into this implicit contract and, over the years, the dynamics of their relationship have continued to strengthen the conditions. Andreas` story is the story I hear every day. The agreements have been concluded and broken. One friend begs the other to respect the agreements, and each broken agreement leads to the erosion of the sanctity of marriage.