Dance Student Agreement


A dance parent contract is a written agreement signed by both you and your dance studio, in which you commit to fulfilling responsibilities such as: one-time payment of classes and costumes; Make sure your child is following a certain amount of lessons; is available for certain competition or performance appointments. Unless you receive the agreement or contract from a lawyer read in advance and they give you advice that tells you something else…. always consider the treaty to be legally binding. I understand that Gotta Dance, LLC (GDSC) is committed to the safety of staff, students and their families. I am aware that if local and national authorities allow local classes, the DGSC will exercise particular caution and comply with all requirements and recommendations (masks, social failure, disinfection, etc.). I am aware that GDSC is studying a virtual option associated with a leisure studio format. Students and their guests are committed to respecting and maintaining GDSC`s features and facilities. These include the appropriate use of tangible assets, cleaning personal items and cleaning for oneself. I understand that students and/or student guests who cause significant damage are held financially responsible for the repair. To extend the life of the studio floors, students in the lobby should consume only food and drink (except water) and remove non-dancing shoes before going to wooden floors (so as not to bring unwanted/dangerous material such as stones). So if you`re already in a situation where you can`t pay for your child`s dance classes, always talk to your dance teacher. There is absolutely no shame in doing so and will avoid problems further down the track.

Maybe your dance teacher can create a payment plan for you, or does he know about scholarships or other ways to provide the dance training your child needs, perhaps even through a job that cleans the dance studio? The same applies to students who wish to take part in exams. Many dance organizations expect a certain level to be reached before teachers present their students to the exams, and if your child does not participate in the prescribed lessons, your teacher can tell you that he or she is not ready for the exam. There are very few teachers who allow a student to take part in an exam if they think they will fail. If you don`t pay your costume fees on time, the costume probably won`t be ordered and your child can`t perform at a recital or competition. A late payment for a suit could mean that your teacher is not able to order it depending on the fact, especially if the company that only makes mass orders or needs the material for that costume. If you don`t have a costume, it can also mean in the end that your child is removed from the dance team in which he auditioned at s. Dance parent contracts are becoming more common in dance schools, especially when you sign up for your children on dance teams. What are they and are they legally binding? I understand that guests are able to watch the GDSC Lobby Live Student Dance Class. I also understand that during the last class of the month, clients can see the last 15 minutes of a studio class.

In signing this agreement, I am aware that Gotta Dance, LLC, is not held responsible for COVID 19 cases that may be signed while participating in studios, inside or outside the building.