Definition Du Mot Agreement


Agrer, followed by the subjunctive, agree that. 1. State authorization of a natural or legal person necessary for the exercise of certain activities (in particular security, personal services): Submit an application for admission. AgrerNature: debate: a-gr-etymology: et gr; – Proven. agreiar, agreyar, agradar; – Spain. Agradar; ital. aggradare, aggradire. The term is also used in company law to determine that the articles of association of a company may be subject to the approval of the partners, the right to transfer the shares held by the selling partner to a non-associated third party. An action by which someone, especially one who possesses power. Unlike other nouns in verbs, whose radicality ends with a vowel (z. Coriaces – rigging), the admission is written without intermediate lukewarmness. The word «admission» is more commonly used in administrative law. It refers to the consent given by a public authority to the appointment of a person or to the carrying out of a transaction requiring its prior approval or opinion.

Authorization has the same meaning as «authorization.» V.a. Received positively, find it good. Please put the amiti of a man sitting in the cave. I am a son-in-law. He has my good offices. His proposals are very good. 2. A procedure where by which the State associates certain entities (undertakings, associations) with a measure of general interest by defining the conditions under which they must comply in order to obtain, in return, more legal powers or material advantages. V. n.

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