Diversion Agreement Washington State


According to Washington Counseling, Washington State has established therapeutic courts across the state. In 2016, Washington had at least 83 therapeutic dishes, including: In the Philbrook Law Office, our AV defense attorneys, direct you through every step of the criminal proceedings. We want to keep you out of prison, get the help you need and avoid a criminal record. To find out what redirect programs are available in your case and to speak to an aggressive advocate in Vancouver or Battle Ground, WA, call 360-695-3309 or complete our contact form. We also serve the greater Portland area and the state of Oregon. We`re going to meet clients in prison, if necessary. The case is referred to the prosecutor and there may be a formal trial. In this case, young people must be informed in writing of the violation of the diversion agreement and all evidence in this area must be fully disclosed. The judicial process to terminate the Tribunal must include the possibility of a verbal decision and the obtaining of evidence, the right to conduct a cross-examination and a written statement from the Court, which sets out the reasons for the closure. As soon as the youth accepts the terms set by the board of directors and signs the diversion contract, he is supervised by the redirect advisor during the conclusion of the contract.

If the young person violates the contract, the case is referred to the public prosecutor, who can refer him to the youth court. In the Philbrook Board of Justice, PS, our Vancouver-based, VA defense attorneys are working aggressively on your case. We are working to suppress the evidence that was obtained illegally against you. We`re ready to try your case before a jury. We are often able to negotiate oral arguments for less serious offences. Our lawyers in Washington also explain whether you are eligible for a distraction program or a therapeutic court. Contact us today to find out more. In many respects, therapeutic courts function as distraction programs, except that there is more judicial oversight of the accused`s progress and the accused may have to plead guilty before being eligible. In the City of Vancouver, AV, admission to a diversion program or judicial agreement remains the charge, provided that the accused «commits to establishing police reports and concludes certain conditions over a two-year period.» Most first offenders and some domestic offenders can be considered. If the accused concludes the terms of the two-year program and there are no other criminal offences, the charges will be dismissed.

Normally, you can only use the distraction program once. A PDA is a contract that an accused can enter into with the prosecutor in some cases. It is an agreement to be «good» for generally two years and to meet certain negotiated terms. The conditions are usually a probation evaluation of about $400 to be paid, reimbursement figures to the police, get a chemical dependence assessment (and follow) and finally complete a defensive driving class. To be «good» to which I referred means not to commit new crimes during the duration of the agreement. If these conditions are met during the agreed period, the DUI levy is generally reduced to the reduced charge for negligent conduct in the first degree. This will come with zero days in prison and a nominal fine. Again, not everyone qualifies for such a contract, but if you accuse a DUI, you should always know if such a deal can be offered. Among the issues that prevent the prosecutor from offering this contract, it is not limited to – the priors, the refusal of a breath test, or a strong blow. As a general rule, defendants must meet conditions similar to those of diversion programs, with a particular focus on addressing programs in the court to which they are assigned. This means, for example, that drug courts will focus on drug assessment, monitoring and treatment.