Fhwa Project Agreement


Section 630.307(a) would be renamed §630.312(a) and would only replace references to the obsolete «SHA» nomenclature with the current «STD» nomenclature. This general provision is so broad that there is little or no need for other provisions. In accordance with this general provision, the State, Title 23, United States Code, undertakes to comply with the rules for transposing Title 23 and the directives and procedures established by the FHWA. States generally agree to comply with all other applicable federal laws and regulations as part of the project agreement. When final field documentation is collected, all remaining project documents should also be collected, including documentation from the public acquisition and environment offices dot row. Proactive approaches would ensure that this documentation is collected before the end of the project. Section 630.106(a) would maintain the requirement that the FHWA`s authorization to continue a federal aid project would be granted in a project agreement only at the request of the STD, and only if the applicable legal requirements for the project are met. Question 14: What is the impact of the building permit (CA) on the end date of the project? 5. The share of federal assistance in the eligible costs of the project, expressed either as a proportional percentage or as a lump sum, in accordance with section 630.106 (f) (1); Answer 28: No.

The project end date only applies to the specific scope of the work being authorised (e.g. B PE). If work is added to the project agreement, the project date will be adjusted to add the time required for this work. (a) If amendments are necessary to the original project agreement, an amendment to the agreement shall be prepared.