Uk Air Bridge Agreement


With all the discussions on airlift agreements that could come into force next week, it is interesting to note that planes are already returning to European skies. According to Eurocontrol, which monitors air traffic across the continent, yesterday for the first time since March, 9,000 planes were in the air. Joshua Ng, director of Alton Aviation Consultancy, said such agreements can increase the number of passengers who can travel by 1.3 billion, citing possible agreements between Australia and New Zealand. According to the Telegraph, the government is also considering negotiating «air bridge» agreements with Australia, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Montserrat and the Falkland Islands. Instead of the current «airlift agreement» in both countries, in which other countries would remove restrictions on British visitors arriving in the UK in exchange for their citizens` access to the UK, the new «travel corridor» approach only removes the mandatory 10-day period of self-isolation upon return to the UK, and only for English residents. The rules vary in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All arrivals must also provide contact information when they arrive by air, train or sea. As far as air bridges are concerned, Spain, Italy, Greece and France are on alert. But what about Portugal? Oliver Smith writes: The reflection comes before Prime Minister Boris Johnson`s expected announcement on June 29 that agreements have been reached with a «small number» of countries with low coronavirus levels, according to the newspaper. This is the result of an Irish Times report, which quotes a government source as saying that Ireland, despite the «air bridge» rhetoric, intends to remain in the blockade with regard to the international movement.

Hello. The key story today is the revelation of the countries that will likely be linked next week to the UK through a «bilateral airlift agreement,» which will allow the resumption of summer holidays. According to the sources, the agreements will be as follows: «To stimulate the recovery of the aviation industry, our analysis showed that «travel bubbles» between neighbouring countries could lead to a 44% increase in global passenger demand. Officials are weighing a list of a dozen countries – including Portugal, Spain, France and Greece – for possible bilateral agreements that would allow people to travel abroad from July 4 without going to the arrival or return of 40 weeks, The Telegraph reported. These were the 10 countries most visited last year by British holidaymakers. Among the following, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Greece appear to be part of the first wave of airlift agreements next week. Shapps told the Commons: «I would appreciate his help in ensuring that air bridges can be started as quickly as possible. I am very keen to involve the devolved administrations, including the Scottish Government, so that we can announce this thing. Holiday companies have been shaken by the government`s mixed embassies on air bridges, tour operators cannot plan and customers are reluctant to book.

The UK market is one of the most important markets for Greek tourism and for decades. We are very pleased with the strong possibility that Greece will be one of the first airlifts from the UK and we hope that both governments will lift the restrictions that will allow our British friends to choose Greek destinations for their holidays. When will this come into effect? The policy has not yet been officially announced; Travel corridors are expected to be in place on June 28 or 29 and the first air bridges will come into effect on July 4.